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This site is under Construction. We currently work for

Drape Kings and plan to remain Loyal to the King!

We would like to gather contact info of some good hard working motivated individuals and use this to pass on work.





We are an experienced Professional labor Group here to help you build your event anywhere in the world with specialist in every facet.  Call us in an EMERGENCY to fix Your problems. We are known to solve them Well!!! 


Based in The DMV area but,Travel easily ANYWHERE (even Worldwide)!


Contact by email :  StageTheEvent



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I can't explain how awesome it was to have taken on 3 large events scheduled on the same day and know that I only need to focus on one. STE had my eyes there on every detail! ” - Author: Could Be You!

— Event Times

OMG! STE Group is AMAZING!!!! They came in and saved the day! We had a catastrophe and needed some good knowledgeable help to meet the deadline. They made it happen!! ” - Author: Could be You

— Best Stage Hand Group Ever Awards show 2023

Your Eye for detail is AMAZING!!!! Your skill is unmatchable!!!!!” - Author: Could Be You!!!!

— Best Event 911 Squad EVER magazine GO to Group Awards 2016-2023