These are just a few of My accomplishments.

I have NOT had any Schooling/Training/Teaching of any kind (outside of Youtube).  

On Set of "Soulmates" (Being Edited for 2021). It was Filmed in Vermont, where i was at the time. 

I was asked to cover Bernie Sanders Voting at His Hometown during His Campaign (2016) for a News Co. This is that.

This is Me helping My Autistic BFF with His Capstone Film to Graduate Film School in College!!! He's an AMAZING and creative Young Man. I understand Him. The thing is,... that i said id help,... and didn't think My Friend, being a Genius with Autism, would create His own language (using some asian dialect) for Me to speak fluently! lmbo! i had fun trying! Eric, My BFF, eased My ego to do a GREAT job for Him by reassuring Me that it was NOT the characters first language. and could be as is. I tried!!!! 

I am NOT a Political Person. I don't know enough to speak. I am learning. I neither agree nor disagree with the statements in this video. I had an idea with the projector and was anxious to film it on something. I was at the Artists house, with a Bad Assed DJ in DMV who happen to have a projector with a clip put together that played to the song. Thats why we went with this one. I had fun. 

I filmed and edited a Music Video on a deserted island about Sirens and Zombies,... and Heavy Metal! That is Me walking backwards with camera.


This story is Secretly quite funny. (If only to Me.)