These are just a few of My accomplishments along My journey.

I have NOT had any Schooling/Training/Teaching of any kind (outside of Youtube).   

On Set of "Soulmates" (Being Edited for 2021). It was Filmed in Vermont, where i was at the time. 

(sorry I am in these. lol. they were FB stories originally!)


Movie Link:

A (Many) Award winning Short Film that someone i was in Prison with made. Its a True film. The Video below is a Behind the Scenes type i shot while on set. Link Below for full Film (I acted in. Played Myself.)

This is for the above Short Film:    

 —Movie Link—-

I was asked to cover Bernie Sanders Voting at His Hometown during His Campaign (2016) for a News Co. This is that.

This is Me helping one of My Good Friends with His Capstone Film to Graduate Film School at Champlain College (Vermont)!!!