Where am i? (Part 1- intro)

   Hello! I thought id stop procrastinating on doing a blog, and just do it! There have been many things that has stopped Me from utilizing this option to voice My opinions, Concerns, and share My growth. The many things are obstacles that are in My/Our paths. Most of these obstacles are created within ourselves. I have climbed over and went around so many obstacles, that i actually have grown to like the new challenge.

I have not started this blog because,...

-I don't know where to start. Should i start at the beginning? (But, i have so much to say about now!) 

-My mind works so fast that when i go to type what i want to say... it disappears into an abyss of new thoughts and words. It is frustrating. BUT,.. I'm thinking, in a year of writing here and practicing simply getting My thoughts on paper, I would be better at it. Even if a little bit! (its a start!)

-Nobody cares about what i have to say! (Although My Life and struggle experiences broken down may in fact help save a few People. It is also helpful to Me to get it out as well as the process of learning adds to this.) 

   I guess I will just simply start... to simply start! 

   There You have it! I have successfully started My blog! (Now to read other blogs to see what they look like and are set up, then learn how to do those things on here.) I know this was short and uninformative. Im sorry. It was a small accomplishment for Me! :) 


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