I put the 'O' in O'Thompsonski!

...Seriously, i did!  ...as a child growing up with a large Polish Family,I felt a little out of Place with My last Name Thompson. All the Family gatherings would be full of last names i couldn't pronounce. My Family was/Is Amazing. My Father had always found the people at any event/party/gathering of any sort, that were hiding mostly feeling out of place, and would bring them out in the open and have fun. (I also have this trait from Him.) He did it with Me also. He called Me 'Machuska'! Made My name sound Polish. (I miss My Dad.)  Out of My 4 Grand Parents, 3 are Full blooded Polish (Actually migrated here together...cool story later...). My Dads Dad is where I get My last name of Thompson. He was Irish, Scottish and Choctaw Indian. Since Thompson is Scottish, i added the O' for irish and the ski for Polish. So, that's what O'Thompsonski means. Means I'm Irish, Scottish and Polish. 

...next il jump into where i am today. I will mix them up with 'How I got here today' and get things off My Mind between. 

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