Hello! My name is Matthew. I am a diffrent Person today, then i have been in the past. This came from Hard work and determination. Let Me explain:

   In the beginning, i was just like any other child. I enjoyed attention, learning to walk-talk and loved to smile! I had REALLY AWESOME Parents! This was the best time of My Life! 

   I started school and set out to see what the world had in store for Me. It was here that i Learned I was a Bad Kid. It was completely different then being home and encouraged. I wanted to hear the "Good Job's"! But, didn't. I got humiliated instead. Separated. Even moved to an empty room all to Myself in school. Lots of testing. Lots of Doctors. A special school. I was diagnosed as having  Dyslexia,ADHD, and (then) Manic-Depression. 

   I NEVER wanted to be 'Bad'. Just wanted to be liked and accepted as any other child. It was clear to Me now that i wasn't going to go on and become successful in the good world. I had to set out to be the best bad person i could be. 

   Many Years later and after numerous prison sentences served, i was tired of acting like someone i wasn't. or didn't want to be. I set out to change. I was inside a prison during this period. I think this was only possible as i reached a middle adult age because My mind had slowed down enough to be able to think, grasp and structure a thought. I taught Myself a lot. Actually found that a passion of mine is to figure things out. 

   I got out of prison and met a Beautiful woman. Fell in Love. She got pregnant. She passed away due to complications of giving child birth. I was then left to figure out how to Live a normal life as a Normal person, as well as learn how to be a parent and be relied on. This is difficult. 


(this is under construction and will be completed when i can thanks!)  




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